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Moraine Woods Consulting
Lake Barrington, IL
Cell: 847-408-7238
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Moraine Woods Consulting, Inc. Lake Barrington, Il.
Phone: 847-408-7238
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Inspector Shopping?

Many people who call Moraine Woods are shopping around for inspectors.

With few exceptions, the first question they ask is what does the inspection cost. No matter what a buyer spends on the home it's a large amount to them. When hiring an inspector this is the one time where skimping on cost makes little economic sense. People are paid based upon knowledge and experience and inspectors are no different.

OOf course the inspector's fee is a consideration but there are also other factors. We appreciate buyers who ask us hard questions when they call. It demonstrates their determination to make their investment decision as sound as possible. As a matter of fact, these are our most favored clients.

When calling an inspection company try to obtain some information about them. Such as:

  1. How long have they been is business?
  2. How long has the inspector been inspecting?
  3. Is this their fulltime job or part time /supplemental?
  4. Is the inspector a member of any organization of home inspectors?
  5. Do they pay to be on any referral lists? This is not allowed for members of ASHI.
  6. How many hours of continuing education does the inspector complete each year?
    • Does he just meet the minimum requirement of 6 hours per year or does he exceed them for the sake of continuing education?
  7. How do they handle claims against them?
    • Do you deal with the inspector or an some franchise employee who is not even in your state?
    • Will they return to the house at no charge to re-evaluate the condition?
  8. Will you have direct access to the inspector after the inspection for any questions that may arise?
  9. Is the inspector and his company licensed by the State of Illinois?

Professional operations will be glad to answer such questions. On the other hand, if answers are not so easy to obtain it may give you an indication of potential grief. If you are talking to an answering service they may not be able to provide you with such answers. A truly dedicated company or inspector will step up to the plate when you need them and give you the accurate information you need in the home purchase process. Just be sure that you're comparing apples to apples because in the home inspection field there are wide variations in integrity, experience and service.

"Dedicated to the Highest Standard of Professionalism
in the Home Inspection Industry"

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