Moraine Woods Consulting, Inc.
Moraine Woods Consulting
Lake Barrington, IL
Cell: 847-408-7238
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Moraine Woods Consulting, Inc. Lake Barrington, Il.
Phone: 847-408-7238
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Our Report

Moraine Woods uses the HomeGauge reporting system for its reports. These are computer generated after the home inspection and generally are emailed by the end of the inspection day, or at the latest, the next morning. We have completely rewritten the "out of the box" report template to more closely match the style of reporting that we have found to be the most easily understood by our clients.

The comments on conditions found are specifically written for the particular property inspected, there is little reliance on "boilerplate" text. While such an approach requires more time for writing, an average of two hours, it does produce an inspection report that is more effective in its conveyance of information as well as more individualized for the specific property.

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in the Home Inspection Industry"

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