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Lake Barrington, IL
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Moraine Woods Consulting, Inc. Lake Barrington, Il.
Phone: 847-408-7238
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Critical Eye

Often we find that our clients are surprised at just what a professional home inspector will look for. These are usually components that people simply don't think about when they are buying a home. In this section we have selected photos from many of our inspections that represent what conditions we can find. These are not unusual for us to come across and many of them are due to improper installation by a contractor and/or somehow missed by a municipal building inspector. So if you were thinking of using a relative or friend from the trades to do your inspection, or even an inspector who is new to the field, consider whether these are conditions that they would look for as well as understand when they saw them. It's our belief that only a qualified inspector with strong educational background and experience would meet this requirement.









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